About Us

We Are Troublemaker is a Swiss alternative/pop-rock band, which was founded in 2014. It consists of main songwriter and leadsinger/frontman Davide Formica, co-songwriter and guitarist Gabriele Muscaritolo and drummer Tiago Monteiro.

In February 2019 they released their first EP on all digital platforms. For a first recording it was a total success. The name of the EP, Freedom. It’s all about being free from the everyday stress and constant pressure we have to withstand in today’s society.

The year 2019 was the band’s most successful year. With a total of 20 concerts they were able to represent and spread their music and album regionally. The concerts of We Are Troublemaker are mainly influenced by the energy the band has on stage. However, the year has not only shaped the band’s concert experience and musical skills, but also the cohesion of the band. They are like brothers and also perform as brothers. The bond is also often recognized by outsiders.

Because of the coronavirus, Davide Formica spent a lot of time at home in spring 2020, writing new songs. In total he came up with almost thirty compositions, which he brought into the band. Currently they are working on the songs and planning the next album.